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10.  The Cyclimids: Degron-inspired cereblon binders for targeted protein degradation

Ichikawa, S.​†, Payne, N. C.†, Xu, W., Chang, C.-F., Vallavoju, N., Frome, S., Flaxman, H. A., Mazitschek, R., Woo, C. M. 

Cell Chem Biol 31, 1–14 (2024). (†equal contribution)

9.  The E3 ligase adapter cereblon targets the C-terminal cyclic imide degron

Ichikawa, S.†, Flaxman, H. A.†, Xu, W.†, Vallavoju, N., Lloyd, H. C., Wang, B., Shen, D., Pratt, M. R., Woo, C. M.

Nature 610, 775–782 (2022). (†equal contribution)

8.   Asymmetric Synthesis of γ-Amino Alcohols by Copper-Catalyzed Hydroamination

Ichikawa, S., Buchwald, S. L.

Org Lett 21, 8736–8739 (2019). 

7.   Regio- and Enantioselective Synthesis of 1,2-Diamine Derivatives by Copper-Catalyzed Hydroamination

Ichikawa, S., Dai, X.-J., Buchwald, S. L.

Org Lett 21, 4370–4373 (2019). 

6.   A Modified System for the Synthesis of Enantioenriched N-Arylamines through Copper-Catalyzed Hydroamination

Ichikawa, S., Zhu, S., Buchwald, S. L.

​Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 57, 8714–8718 (2018).

5.   Rapid and Efficient Copper-Catalyzed Finkelstein Reaction of (Hetero)Aromatics under Continuous-Flow Conditions

Chen, M., Ichikawa, S., Buchwald, S. L.

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 54, 263–266 (2015).

4.   Iron-Catalyzed Directed Alkylation of Alkenes and Arenes with Alkylzinc Halides

Ilies, L., Ichikawa, S., Asako, S., Matsubara, T., Nakamura, E.

Adv Synth Catal 357, 2175–2179 (2015).

3.  Iron-Catalyzed Directed Alkylation of Aromatic and Olefinic Carboxamides with Primary and Secondary Alkyl Tosylates, Mesylates, and Halides

Ilies, L., Matsubara, T., Ichikawa, S., Asako, S., Nakamura, E.

J Am Chem Soc 136, 13126–13129 (2014).

2.   Theoretical Study on Alkoxydiphosphine Ligand for Bimetallic Cooperation in Nickel-Catalyzed Monosubstitution of C–F Bond

Asako, S., Ilies, L., Verma, P., Ichikawa, S., Nakamura, E.

Chem Lett 43, 726–728 (2014).

1.   Fluorescent azadipyrrinato zinc(II) complex: hybridisation with a dipyrrinato ligand

Sakamoto, R., Kusaka, S., Kitagawa, Y., Kishida, M., Hayashi, M., Takara, Y., Tsuchiya, M., Kakinuma, J., Takeda, T., Hirata, K., Ogino, T., Kawahara, K., Yagi, T., Ikehira, S., Nakamura, T., Isomura, M., Toyama, M., Ichikawa, S., Okumura, M., Nishihara, H.

Dalton Trans 41, 14035–14037 (2012).

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